Rob Van Dam - Wrestling Gear

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This is Rob Van Dam, a professional wrestler showing his extensive wrestling gear collection and in ring attire.


Ensuring proper sanitation with clean wrestling headgear

A piece of wrestling headgear is a personal item, worn close to the skin, wrestlers sweat in them and even bleed in them. This makes the headgear a hotbed for staph infections and ring worms to happen.Without proper sanitation, bacteria and germs are left on the headgear. Any cuts that a wrestler has might also be exposed to the germs on the headgear.

The best policy to play safe is to always maintain a high level of hygiene. Never share your headgear with your teammate as there is a possibility of infections due to the contact of blood. Make sure that the head gears are properly cleaned before you put it away rather than giving it a wipe the next time you are using it. Why? Blood and sweat will have dried on the wrestling headgear already. In fact, to be on the safe side, clean it before and after you use it to ensure a high standard of hygiene.

You can use some disposable alcohol wipes to clean your headgear. Note that the external of the headgear is also important and should not be forgotten when cleaning. Also, you have to ensure that all your buckle straps are cleaned.

A well-ventilated area should be where you are storing all your wrestling gear, not some dark and dry storeroom so that the moisture can escape if your gears are not completely dry. If you are storing the headgear in a dry storeroom, it is best to wait for your headgear to dry after your cleaning before putting it in until the next time that you use it. This reduces the chances for fungus to grow on the straps.

It is of best practice to shine your wrestling gear in the sun once in a while because this can also help to kill bacterial and prevent fungus to grow.

It should be of paramount importance to ensure that all wrestling gear is maintained and cleaned properly so as to protect the wrestler against skin irritations and infections, which can cause even more complications.


Asics Cael V4.0 Wrestling Shoes

Launched in 2009, the forth version of the Cael line of products as suggested by V4.0 introduces another top quality product to wrestlers professional and amateur alike. The line of shoes comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Customers' opinion:

Asics Cael V4.0 Wrestling Shoes are flexible and has great ankle support. Being lightweight also means more comfort for the wrestler when wrestling in the ring. The design of the shoes look great and suit pretty much most of the gears that wrestlers bring to the ring. A must buy!

The shoe boasts a number of features:
1) The integrated lace complies with wrestling rules regarding shoe laces, so wrestlers do not have to worry that the shoe is not allowed in competitions.
2) Shine up-lining material on the sockliner means that the insides of your shoe can also be exposed to sunlight. This removes odor and reduces the chances of bacteria/fungus in the shoe.
3) Open Mesh Forefoot and Tongue-Helps can help to control heat and moisture

For new wrestlers who have just started

You are worn out and tired from your initial weeks of training. You find yourself contemplating whether all of this hard work is worth it. The lazy side of your brain starts to come out with excuses that you could perhaps use to evade or even give up on wrestling training. But think again. Won’t it be a waste to just quit?

As mentioned in other articles on the site, a wrestler has to have a generous pool of determination and commitment towards the sport. All great wrestlers we know of today have put in years of effort in an attempt to perfect their in-game performance. Wrestling legends that we know of today such as Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair, and even Shawn Michaels have dedicated their lives to wrestling.

If you are trying to get on a wrestling team in high school or college, force yourself to continue and practise so as to get better. The trainings might be tough, but your efforts will pay off when you look back. The most important thing to remember is that you need to have passion in what you are doing. Tell yourself that quitting is not an option for you and that you can survive the demands of such a highly physical sport. Being a member of the wrestling team means that you will have opportunities to display your strength, teamwork and even in some cases leadership.

Wrestling training requires a lot of commitment. Depending on your coach, trainings might be 4 or 5 days a week, sometimes even more. This means less time for your academics, homework, social life. You might have to forgo hanging out with your friends so often or even family time for wrestling training.

The teammates that you train with will often be your great buddies or brothers simply because you have spent so much time with them training and enduring the pains and bruises after competing in the ring.

You must be able to accept criticisms that will enable you to improve your skills in the ring. Always ask for opinions and comments from your peers and coach and make sure that you correct those mistakes in techniques to improve.